Water Treatment

The new BSRIA guide BG29/2012 reflects the growing importance of a competently executed pre-commission cleaning programme to the success of commissioning and the long term operation of a closed water system.

Powell Technical Management adopts a combined approach to closed water system solutions, making sure delays owing to venting and general system readiness are efficiently managed.

System contaminants such as jointing materials and building debris will manifest in newly fabricated heating and chilled water systems. If allowed to remain, they can cause blockages at strainers, control valves and small bore heat exchangers. Contaminants can also promote corrosion and the growth of biofilms and other microbiological activity (MIC).

Powell Technical Management offer advisory services at the design stage to ensure that the system is fully compliant with the requirements of BSRIA BG29/2012 prior to construction. Our consultants can help the designer decide the most appropriate cleaning methods, and the design features necessary to aid a successful cleaning process.

Prior to commencement, but following submission and approval of the method statement and safety documents, Powell Technical Management operatives will attend site to carry out periodic inspections. The objective is to assist the installer in providing a water installation that is fully conducive to the designers requirements in respect of pre-commission cleaning, and that the systems are as clean as practically achievable before first filling.

A typical cleaning procedure may include the following steps:

Powell Technical Management document WT1.9 presents each of the stages to be demonstrated to the witnessing discipline and the respective BSRIA Table 4 test parameters. Our test procedures are fully compliant with BSRIA and other related guides.

Powell Technical Management stock a wide ranging selection of temporary pumps capable of generating the required flushing velocities for most applications.

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